Outlast the Challenges – Bitter or Better?

May 25, 2022

I have lived on this earth for close to sixty years and have been an avid student of history. I am very aware that all of us have faced significant challenges to one degree or another. Some of us have faced financial challenges, health challenges (it’s been 2 years since my heart attack & quad bypass surgery and I am better than ever), spiritual challenges and relational challenges. One of the questions I always ask myself is, “will I let this challenge make me bitter or better?” I have chosen to learn & grow when I face challenges in my life. Too often I see people quit in the middle of the challenge rather than taking another step forward and persevering through it. It’s important to remember that quitting can be as much of a habit as perseverance is a habit. We need to strengthen the perseverance muscle and not give in to the easy way out of quitting. 

I was recently listening to a podcast by Ed Mylett, and he asked a great question, “Who do I want to become in the next 20 years?” There are four options he presents:

  1. Invisible – no one knows my story because I chose to blend in with the herd of humanity and not take any big chances or do anything significant. I let others define me and write my story for me and in the end no one knows me.
  2. Victim – I continually tell the story about how people hurt me (parents, family, friends, bosses, government, etc.) This is an outcome that we should fear the most. When we blame others for our life circumstances, we take no responsibility for our life and will never do anything to change the circumstances we live in.
  3. Hero – I became the hero of my story. I didn’t blame others for my life circumstances but took responsibility and action to change my life for the better. I changed, I grew, I learned, I overcame, and I won.
  4. Servant – I dedicated my life to help & serve others on their life journey. When I overcame the challenges and learned the deep lessons of life, I chose to share the wisdom I gained and committed myself to help others be the hero in their life. This is the place I find myself today because 20+ years ago I said no to the invisible & victim options and became the hero in my story & a servant to others.

We can’t change the past but we can make a new future by making better decisions and taking different actions towards a better future – choose to be the Hero in your life story!

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