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Stoke the coals of your life to reignite your spark
for your Marriage, Mission, and/or Marketplace.
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The Process

The process in which gives shape and the actions required to build a better life.
How it works?
Who would benefit?

How does it all work?

What matters most? That which stokes your flames. 
After all, you cannot run a forge without a steady, hot fire.
Forge definition
• To build through intentional heating and shaping.
• To create new conditions or relationships.
• To bring into reality by a focused and sustained effort.
• To move forward, ahead, with an increase of speed and purpose.

Prioritize What Matters Most

Not just uncovering what is most important to you, but enabling you to find ways to prioritize what matters most.

Shape Your New Reality

Your boundaries and expectations shape your capabilities. Which of these boundaries are self-imposed? Which ones are defined by the expectations of those around you?

Build With Action

More than a to-do list, you will see your new reality come to life through goal-oriented actions and accountable changes over the next year of your life and beyond.

Who would benefit
from Life Rekindled

What matters most? That which stokes your flames. After all, you cannot run a forge without a steady, hot fire.
The demands of the day build-up, and suddenly, everything seems off balance. You’re keeping up appearances, telling people “everything is great,” but you know things could be better – a lot better.

And they can be. They should be. They will be…when you have your priorities at your center.
  • If your days seem overwhelming and your job is a frustrating nuisance…
  • If you feel like your “five-year plan” is too far out of reach...
  • If everything at home feels like it is an invitation for an argument…
  • If you feel like you’re walking on eggshells, waiting for it to all fall apart…
…then it may be time to experience your Life, Rekindled.

The Forge

The Forge is our structured platform to guide, teach and support your journey around Marriage, Mission, & Marketplace success.


Get to Know Mike & Debbie as well as the what Life Rekindled is all about.
What's Life Rekindled
Mike & Debbie

What is
Life Rekindled?

Prioritize. Shape. Build
Our trifecta of focus is Marriage, Mission, and Marketplace.
Through a combination of mentorship and a dedicated, involved community, Life Rekindled guides you to the kind of life focused on what matters most to you.

Through daily and weekly reflection, goal setting, and communication with your spouse if applicable, Life Rekindled is helping people everywhere forge the path they were always meant to live and reignite the fire that once burned bright by discovering your spark.
Ways We Help you Prioritize, Shape, and Build
My Spark
Productivity Journal
Life Rekindled Blueprint
Accountability through Community Support & Live events

Mike & Debbie

Prioritize. Shape. Build
Our trifecta of focus is Marriage, Mission, and Marketplace.
Mike and Debbie are known for their compassionate approach to helping people. They have their way of solving problems while ensuring you are still part of the process. Mike is approachable, emphatic, has a great sense of humor, and most importantly, effective. Debbie has a passion for service and is proven effective in touching and changing people’s lives.

Connecting with Mike and Debbie through Life Rekindled enhances your experience in the process of rekindling your spark. This married couple is backed up by their years of experience and wisdom in their 39 years of marriage and the multiple leadership podiums they have handled their entire life. Heart, credibility, effectivity, and visible change– Life Rekindled challenges and inspires you to stoke the coals of your life.

Mike Bolton

Prioritize. Shape. Build
Mike has a passion for leadership both in the study of and its application in the real world.
After having served for 25 years as a pastor and College instructor, Mike transitioned to full time teaching, coaching and training in the business and church setting and travels around the world. As a certified John Maxwell Executive Director and Coach, Mike utilizes the best proven & tested leadership material, to help individuals and businesses overcome challenges and grow in their impact & success.

Mike has advanced degrees in both business and ministry and recently completed training as a certified Professional Director (Pro.Dir.). As a partner and investor in several successful companies, Mike brings his knowledge and skill to help navigate the challenges companies face. Mike is happily married to Debbie (co-founder of Norwex) and they have three grown sons and five amazing grandchildren. They split their time between their homes in Dallas-Fort Worth TX and Red Deer AB.

Debbie Bolton

Prioritize. Shape. Build
Debbie is one of the three co-founders of Norwex
She has touched the lives of over 500,000 sales consultants in 22 countries over the last 23 years. Debbie is passionate about her relationship with God and seeing lives changed, and families strengthened. She is a proud mom to three sons and has five amazing grandchildren. Debbie and her husband, Mike, split their time between their home in Colleyville, TX, and their home in Red Deer AB.

Debbie has significant areas she is passionate about. The first is her family. She has been married to her husband Michael for 39 years and is the proud mother of three grown sons, two amazing daughters-in-law, and five incredible grandchildren.

She is also passionate about Biblical Kingdom advancement and the local church. Before she met Michael, she served as a missionary in India for two years. After they married, Debbie served alongside her husband as they pastored churches for over 25 years.


Materials to digest that will help solidify your growth around Marriage, Mission, & Marketplace success.

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