Tests We All Take & Must Pass (Part II)

December 5, 2022

Successful people understand that they are influenced the most by the five closest people to them – the ones they listen to the most and spend the most time with. My question is, “who speaks into your life?”

The older I get in life, the smaller my inner circle becomes. Several years ago, I realized that I cannot be friends with everyone and spend time with everyone. Time has become, and maybe always was, my most precious commodity, so I am very selective about who my inner circle is. These are people who have proven themselves trustworthy and wise over the years and have earned the right to speak to my life and the lives of others. After prayerful consideration and some discussion, the inner group was formed. I found it amazing that the others who joined together were looking for the same thing I was. We meet regularly and are attentive to each other in the following areas – faith, marriage, family, business, and health. We also like to have fun!

Because I recognize that I have blind spots (things I do not see but others do) and cannot know everything, I utilize the following approach:

1. I choose to be open to input in my life and actively seek it out. My favorite book is one that contains 3000-year-old ancient wisdom. It says that the wise actively seek input and counsel so they will succeed and be safe. That is the person I want to be!

2. I carefully consider input that I do not initially like or agree with. Because I trust those closest to me, I seek input from multiple sources (many advisors). If there is a consensus, I will most likely follow their input.

3. When I seek input from my inner group, I give enough lead time for them to think and pray about the advice they will share. I do not announce to my inner circle what I am doing and ask for their blessing. I try to give the appropriate time before the decision is needed and seldom make impulsive decisions.

This three-step approach will help you make better decisions and avoid the regret of poor decisions. Remember that all worthwhile endeavors are uphill and take effort, so enjoy the journey of seeking wise input from those closest to you.

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