Value Today

May 25, 2022

I was recently reading an article and came across this quote from John C. Maxwell, “You realize that we over-exaggerate yesterday, we overestimate tomorrow and we underestimate today”. 

In every area of life, it’s important to take advantage of the “now”. Leaders need to have a bias for action and if things are going to get done it takes action. I understand that there is no perfect time to take action, there are always more preparations to make, team-building activities to initiate, and consulting the opinions of others, BUT in the final analysis, it still takes forward-moving action to see things change. 

Don’t be the person who continually says, “I wish I would have taken action when the opportunity came my way”, this is the path to continual regret and frustration. Become a person who thoughtfully decides and then takes action today because “Today Matters”.

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